Hand Crafted Hanging Signs made to order UK

Hanging Signs 

At Young Sign Studio I make and supply several high quality types of hanging signs to suit a variety of budgets :

  • Classic Wooden Hanging Signs
  • Blade Hanging Signs
  • Aluminium Hanging Signs
  • Gilded Glass Hanging Signs

What Exactly Is a Hanging Sign?

Also known as 'swing signs' or 'projection signs', they are double sided and suspended from the side of a building by a hanging bracket.

A classic hanging sign is one of the simplest ways of attracting footfall into your establishment. They have the advantage of being seen from both directions in the street by the flow of pedestrians and passing traffic.

Alongside your main signage, outdoor hanging signs are also brilliant for displaying your brand logo to the general public; providing your business with more presence on the street.


Double sided hanging sign for a traditional book shop

Wooden Hanging Signs

This popular option has a traditional understated style. It is perfect for any business wishing to present a feeling of simplicity and refinement.

I can either paint you an original design, or reproduce your brand logo faithfully in sign writing enamels.

Made from exterior grade timber, they are available as single or double-sided and finished with a high quality exterior coating for a long lasting finish.

high quality hanging sign for Palace Hill Hotel in Scarborough, UK

Gilded Glass Signs

Hand-crafted from hardwood and toughened glass, this special kind of hanging sign is the ultimate statement piece that will give your shop a look of elegance and luxury.

The beauty of gold leaf on glass is unlike any other material. There is simply no substitute for the beautiful effects of light catching genuine gold leaf.

The glass panels are housed in a bespoke hardwood casing, made here at Young Sign Studio. The design is applied on the back of the glass with 23ct gold leaf and sealed with a special coating. This produces an impressive optical effect that changes as it catches the light.

Custom made to any size, a gilded glass sign will add charm and elegance to your business. Fabricated brackets supplied by my local blacksmith further enhances the impact of this high quality option.

Do you require a bracket?

I also supply hanging brackets in a variety of styles, ranging from bespoke and hand-forged to simple and modern. If you already have a bracket, in most cases it is also possible to make you a sign at any custom size to match it.

Delivered To You Safely and Securely.

All hanging signs made here at Young Sign Studio are securely shipped throughout the UK.

It is also possible to send them oversees. To date I have made hanging signs for clients as far afield as Ireland and France.

If you would like to know more information, feel free to contact me.

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